High-Temp And Anti-shock Quartz Accelerometer For Oil And Gas

High-Temp 180℃;
Small Size Ф25×21mm;
Anti-shock 500-1000g 0.5ms;
Secial For Oil And Gas Field;

Product Details

ER-QA-03D High-Temp And Anti-shock Quartz Accelerometer For Oil And Gas


ER-QA-03D with high-temp, strong anti-shock and high reliability performance, not only it can used in Aviation and aerospace inertial test but also can be used in both static and dynamic acceleration measurement. At the same time, temperature sensor is applied in this accelerometer, the user can use it to make compensation to Bias and Scale factor parameters, in order to reduce the impact of temperature factor.


No. Parameters ER-QA-03D1 ER-QA-03D2 ER-QA-03D3
1 Range ±30g ±30g ±30g
2 Bias <10mg <40mg <40mg
3 Bias repeatability <50μg <250μg <250μg
4 Bias temp coefficient <50μg/℃ <150μg/℃ <150μg/℃
5 Scale factor 1.1~1.4 mA/g 1.1~1.4 mA/g 1.1~1.4 mA/g
6 Scale factor repeatability <80 ppm <250 ppm <250 ppm
7 Scale factor temp coefficient <100ppm/℃ <200ppm/℃ <200ppm/℃
8 Resolution <10μg <10μg <10μg
9 Bandwidth >300 Hz >300 Hz >300 Hz
10 Vibration 25 g @30-500Hz 25 g @30-500Hz 25 g @30-500Hz
11 Shock 500 g 0.5ms 1000 g   0.5ms 1000 g   0.5ms
12 Voltage ±12~±15V ±12~±15V ±12~±15V
13 Power Consumption <480 mW <480 mW <480 mW
14 Current <20 mA <20 mA <20 mA
15 Operating temperature -55~96℃ -55~125℃ -55~180℃
16 Diameter Ф25mm Ф25mm Ф25mm
17 Height <21.5mm <21.5mm <21.5mm
18 Installation error  <1500μrad <1500μrad <1500μrad
19 Weight <65g <65g <65g

Install dimension 

Quartz Accelerometer Accelerometer

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