Small Volume Quartz Accelerometer

Small Volume Quartz Accelerometer ;
Suitable for Aerospace Application;

Product Details

ER-QA-03C Small Volume Quartz Accelerometer For Aerospace


ER-QA-03C Small Volume Quartz Accelerometer For Aerospace is a smaller volume quartz accelerometer, not only it can used in Aviation and aerospace inertial test but also can be used in both static and dynamic acceleration measurement. At the same time, temperature sensor is applied in this accelerometer, the user can use it to make compensation to Bias and Scale factor parameters, in order to reduce the impact of temperature factor.


2Threshold /Resolution5μg5μg5μg
3Bias≤±5 mg≤±5 mg≤±5 mg
4Scale factor1.0±0.2 mA/g1.0±0.2 mA/g0.6±0.2 mA/g
5Class II nonlinearity ≤±20μg /g2≤±30μg /g2≤±20μg /g2
6Bias repeatability≤15 μg≤50 μg≤50 μg
7Scale factor repeatability ≤15ppm≤50 ppm≤50ppm
8Class II nonlinearity repeatability  ≤±20 μg /g2≤±30 μg /g2≤±30 μg /g2
9Bias temp coefficient≤±15 μg /℃≤±50 μg /℃≤±50 μg /℃
10Scale factor temp coefficient≤±15 ppm /℃≤±80 ppm /℃≤±50 ppm /℃
12Natural Frequency350~800 Hz350~800 Hz350~800 Hz
13Bandwidth800~2500 Hz800~2500 Hz800~2500 Hz
14Vibration10g(20-2000Hz) 10g(20-2000Hz) 10g(20-2000Hz)  
16Operating temperature-55~+85℃-55~+85℃-55~+85℃
17Storage temperature -60~+120℃-60~+120℃60~+120℃
19Consume current≤±20mA≤±20mA≤±20mA

Install dimension

Outside drawing 1


Outside drawing 2

Quartz Accelerometer


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We will quote sample price at first and we will quote volume price if you need more quantity.

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