Anti-uav enterprises use advanced technology to develop uav control equipment. At present, anti-uav technology is divided into three categories. One is interference blocking, which is mainly achieved through signal interference and acoustic interference technology. Second, direct damage, mainly through the use of laser weapons, uav countermeasures uav; Third, the monitoring category, mainly through hijacking radio control and other ways to achieve the control of the uav. At present, direct destruction is mainly used in the military field, and the most commonly used is the control of uav radio communication technology, which can be suppressed by sending high-power radio interference signals to force the uav to land. The domestic portable uav electronic gun is developed to develop the equipment with leading signal interference technology, which can effectively control the uav flight.


Many countries and airports have set up anti-drone air defense control systems in their core areas, which can detect, track, locate, manhandle and shoot down drones remotely to prevent blackfly incidents. Information technology is an important part of the air defense uav system. With high security, it is very suitable for the control of anti-uav fire fighting level, strictly controlling the "black fly" of uav, and promoting the healthy development of uav industry.