Low-altitude And Slow-speed Small Targets Defense System AUAV-Fixed

1. Module design: product detection system adopting modular design, the system can be freely selected;
2. Main band suppression: detection and interference, covering the mainstream radio frequency band;
3. Standard city electricity: the equipment uses the standard 220V electricity, not power electric device.

Product Details

Low-altitude and slow-speed small targets defense system AUAV-fixed is a version in order to deal with security threats and unexpected situation of the Small UAV. The product can be achieved engineering deployment of fixed site, and 24 hours unattended with auto-detection, auto-tracing, and auto-attack together. Equipment of modular management and simple operation, can rapid assembly and deployment according to the actual situation. By radio or radar automatic detection of UAV, tracking and locking after interferer positioning system and data link of UAV, and cut off between the unmanned aerial vehicle remote communication and navigation, thus forcing the UAV automatic landing or be expelled, guarantee the safety of low altitude airspace.



Module design: product detection system adopting modular design, the system can be freely selected

Main band suppression: main band detection and interference, covering the mainstream radio frequency band

Standard city electricity: the equipment uses the standard 220V electricity, does not need the power electric device.

Simple assembly: modular structure design, easy access and assembly

Engineering project: the equipment according to different customer scenarios, engineering deployment, to ensure excellent results

Ergonomics: ergonomic design, simple and convenient operation

Optional mode: the user can choose unattended mode or manual control mode

Interference distance: transmit power can be adjusted, interference distance 1000 ~ 1200 meters

High hit rate: 360 degree omni-directional detection and interference, no precise aiming

Complex weather: support for the detection and combat of complex meteorological conditions, including haze, haze, 6 winds, rain.


Performance index:

Detection parameters:

Radio detection:

Working frequency: 100kHz ~ 40GHz;

Direction sensitivity: ≥15dBμV/m

Direction finding accuracy: ≤2°RMS

Radar detection:

Working frequency band: Ku band

Probability of discovery: Pd=0.8, false alarm rate: Pfa=10 -6, reflection surface: 0.01M 2, detection distance: 2km

Antenna fan sweep range: 0 ~ 360 degrees

Target radial velocity: 3km/h ~ 72km/h

The minimum detection distance of more than 200m

Ranging accuracy: less than 15m

Azimuth accuracy: less than or equal to 0.5 degrees

Resolution: 15m

Azimuth resolution: less than or equal to 2 degrees

RF power: 10W

Photoelectric detection:

Detection distance: not less than 1KM

Distance resolution: resolution: 15m

Interference parameter

The maximum transmit power: 10W, three adjustable.

Effective distance: 1000 ~ 1200 meters

Jamming mode: unmanned aerial vehicle / unmanned aerial vehicle (optional)

Weight: 200Kg

Working temperature: -20-55 (Celsius)

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