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Our technical R&D Center can R&D and customize inertial product according to customer request.

 We have provided many customized solutions for customers at home and abroad as follows:

1. FOG North Finder For Mining    

2. Land Positioning And Orientating System   

3. Comparison Of ER-FIWO4 Fiber Optic Gyro Inclinometer With Other Gyro      Inclinometers   

4. Application Of ER-FOG25 In Tank Stabilization System

5. FOG Inertial Navigation System Comparison Test

6. ER-E2 High Temperature Resistance Dynamically Tuned Gyro

7. Application Of fiber Optic Gyroscope On Stable Platform


If you need to customize product according to your request , please send the E-mail to us : 

info@ericcointernational.com or you can also complete the following form and we will contact you ASAP.