Raw Rate Gyro Attitude Heading Reference System

1.Composed of single degree of freedom FOG gyro and control box.
2.Used in big size ship for long voyage in bumping waters;

Product Details

ERZ-3 Raw rate gyro is composed of single degree of freedom gyro and control box. Its control box is made of gyro motor(440HZ,55V), feedback amplifier, self-checking circuit and so on. It is perfectly used in big size ship for long voyage in bumping waters. 

 Main Performance:

1.Sensitivity and resolution: 0.1°/min

2.Successive non-repeatability: 0.3°/min

3.Linearity: 0.3°/min

4.Full measuring range: ±30°/min or 90°/mi n ;

5.Indicating meter full scale error: ±1. 5°/min ; 

6.Response time: ≤0.35s;

7.Start-up time: 5min ;

8.Ambient Temperature: -10℃~+50℃

9.Input power: 50Hz220V[(1+6%)/(1-10%)]

10.Consumed power: 35W

11.Life: 20000 Hours


Control box: 250*256*180mm³

Gyroscope: 100*130*90mm³

13.Weight: gyroscope: 2.5kg    Control box: 12kg


1.Gyro Motor   2. Gimbal   3.Supporting   4.Angular transducer   5.Torquer   6.Feedback amplifier

 ERZ-3 raw rate gyro.jpg

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