Economical 3D Electronic Compass

ER-EC26B(0.8°) Features:
Azimuth accuracy: 0.8°
Inclination measurement range: ±85°
Inclination resolution: 0.1°
Inclination accuracy: 0.2°

Product Details

ER-EC26B Economical 3D Electronic Compass


The ER-EC26B Economical 3D Electronic Compass is a low-cost three-dimensional electronic compass (single board) that uses the hard magnetic and soft magnetic calibration algorithms of the US patent technology to enable the compass to eliminate the effects of magnetic fields through calibration algorithms in environments with magnetic interference. The ER-EC26B integrates a three-axis fluxgate sensor that solves the heading in real time through a central processor and uses a three-axis accelerometer to compensate for heading over a wide range of tilt angles, ensuring that the compass provides high tilt angles of up to ±85°. Accurate heading data. The electronic compass integrates high-precision MCU control with diversified output modes. The standard interface includes RS232/RS485/TTL interfaces, and other communication interfaces can be customized.

The ER-EC26B is small in size and low in power consumption. It can be used in many fields such as antenna stabilization, vehicle and system integration. High shock resistance and high reliability also make the compass work in extremely harsh environments, which is more suitable for today's small Chemical military high precision measurement integrated control system.


Azimuth accuracy: 0.8°

Inclination measurement range: ±85°

Inclination resolution: 0.1°

Inclination accuracy: 0.2°

Wide temperature range: -40°C~+85°C

Size: L33×W27×H8mm

With hard magnetic, soft magnetic and tilt compensationoutput interface

Standard RS232/RS485/TTL

DC 5V power supply

IP67 waterproof rating


Satellite antenna search star

Artillery launch system

ROV underwater robot navigation

Navigation navigation mapping

GPS integrated navigation

Antenna servo control

Infrared imager Laser rangefinder

Map filler

Oceanology tester

Special occasion robot

Unmanned aerial vehicle


ER-EC26B performance parameter indicator

Compass heading parameter

Optimum heading accuracy

0.8° oblique<10°

1.5° oblique<30°

2.0° oblique<40°

3.0° oblique<70°



Compass inclination parameter

Pitch accuracy

0.1°<15°(Measuring range)

0.2°<30°(Measuring range)

0.3°<60°(Measuring range)

0.4°<90°(Measuring range)

Pitch oblique range


Roll accuracy

0.1°<15°(Measuring range)

0.2°<30°(Measuring range)

0.3°<60°(Measuring range)
0.4°<90°(Measuring range)

Roll oblique range




Compass tilt optimal compensation angle range



Hard iron calibration


Soft iron calibration


Magnetic field interference calibration method

One rotation of the plane (two-dimensional calibration)

Physical characteristics




20 g

RS-232/RS485/TTL interface connector

5-core 1 m direct lead

Interface characteristics

Start delay

<50 ms

Maximum output rate


Communication rate

2400~ 19200baud

Output format

Binary high performance protocol

Power supply

Supply voltage

(default) DC +5V

(custom) DC 9 ~ 36V
Current (maximum)


Ideal mode


Sleep mode



Operating range


Storage temperature


Anti-vibration performance


Electromagnetic compatibility

According to EN61000 and GBT17626

Mean time between failures

≥40000 hours/time

Insulation resistance

≥100 MΩ

Impact resistance

100g@11ms, three axes and the same (half sine wave)

Vibration resistant



30g (without cable)

Product size chart



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