Simple inclinometer calibration sets

Simple inclinometer calibration sets
Light weight structures;
Easy to use;
Non- magnetic;

Product Details

Simple inclinometer calibration sets


Simple inclinometer calibration sets is main calibration instrument for inclinometer on ground, can be used to check inclinometer's azimuth error ,inclination error and measurement accuracy.

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Light weight structures
Easy to use

High mobility


Inclination: 0°~ 180°± 0.1°
Azimuth: 0°~360 °± 0.2 °
Tool face angle: 0°~360 °± 0.5°
Diameter range of the instrument under test: φ30—76 mm

Maximum weight of the instrument under test: 6 kg

Dimension:diameter × height= 1000 ×1100 mm

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