Single And Multi Shot Inclinometer Used For Drilling And Coal Mine

1.Various operational purposes,high precision and reliability;
2.Power-off protection,Dynamic performance,Shock and impact-resistance;
3.Low temperature environment suitable,Deep-well measuring;

Product Details


1.1 Functions and Application

Measuring the inclination angle, orientation of magnetic operating face and orientation of high side operating face of at the end of the drilling hole or a specific position while drilling.Widely applied for survey of well-hole drilling in the fields of petroleum, coal mine, irrigation establishment.

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1.2 Features

Ø For various operational purposes:

Satisfying various survey purposes either for suspending measurement or self-floating measurement once equipped with different external protectors

Ø High precision and reliability:

As the key part of inclinometer, acceleration sensor with a shockproof accelerometer have characteristics of high linearity,little temperature drifting and good recurrence, etc.

Ø Power-off protection:

Power failure caused by shakes or pressures would not result in operational disruption or data loss.

Ø Dynamic performance:

Excellent data collecting and processing in either dynamic or static performance.

Ø Shock and impact-resistance:

External multi-vibrate-resist buffer, both radial and axial.

Ø Low temperature environment suitable:

Normal performance at -40

Ø Deep-well measuring:

Equipped with heat insulation protector, normal working at 250, under 125MPa

 1.3 Specification:

  Ф32 and Ф27

 1.4 Working conditions:

Temperature:-40℃~125℃(max. 250 with heat insulation protector)

Shock resistance: ≤4.5g,10100Hz

Impact resistance: ≤2000g, 0.5ms


2. Technical Parameters












Well inclination≥6°

High side operating face



Well inclination≥6°

magnetic operating face



Well inclination≤8°






Other parameters

Voltage: DC6VDC8V

Electricity: under DC5V , stand-by condition≤30mA, data-collecting ≤150mA

Temperature: -40125

Impact resistance: 2000g, 0.5ms.

Shock resistance: 10g, 20100Hz.

Dynamic performance: when vibrating acceleration is 3g, frequency is20Hz, possible inclination           

error: ≤0.2°compared with static measurement.

Range of Delay: 199min, minimum 1min;

Interval scope: 199sec, minimum1seconly for multi-shot

Max. sampling: 3600 points (only for multi-shot)

Continuous working time: min 20 hrs (only for multi-shot)


3. Rechargeable battery barrel

 For single shot

Voltage output: DC7.2V.

Electricity output: ≥500mAh

Working Temperature: -40125

Charge or discharge times: ≥800 times

Charging time: 24H

Discharging time: ≥30min

For multi shots

Voltage output: DC6V

Electricity output: ≥2000mAh

Working Temperature: -40125

Charge or discharge times: ≥800 times

Charging time: 1617H

Discharging time: ≥12h

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