Navigation Simulator

1.Simulate various typical training areas or channels;
2.Different weather and visibility;
3.Integrated intelligent navigation simulation;
4.Truly simulate the hydrodynamic characteristics of ship in open waters and restricted waters;

Product Details



 1. Simulator body:

Based on the ordinary boat cab, made the layout of a cab, and the exterior and features are the same as the ordinary ship's cockpit.

Navigation simulator.jpg图片5.png

2. Cab internal environment:

Cabin environment with ship's indoor environment as the goal, simulated driving the main features of indoor environment to the audience to create a real ship cabin environment, analog cockpit including port, all kinds of work station, in adornment.

Includes various soft instrument and hard instrument and control system.Including radar simulator, ship integrated data display system, etc.

l The bridge is based on real ship design, and all kinds of operations simulate real ship.

The interior decoration includes a variety of analog switches, indicator lights, and interior trim.The simulation switch of the top analog meter and the cabin wall, the indicator light is used to foil the effect of the cabin so as to simulate the real environment so that the occupant has the feeling of immersive experience.


3. Cab view display function:

 The outside of the cockpit is a loop that displays a three-dimensional view system that seamlessly integrates multiple channels through edge fusion.


4. The main function of driving simulator:

l simulate various typical training areas or channels, including coastal waters and port waters;

l different weather and visibility (sunny days, cloudy days, cloudy days, fog, rain, etc.), different sea conditions, sailing under different time conditions and simulation of operation;

integrated intelligent navigation simulation with radar/ARPA, electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS);

using multiple degrees of freedom of ship hydrodynamic mathematical model, can truly simulate the hydrodynamic characteristics of ship in open waters and restricted waters;

5. Radar simulator:

The number of targets is 20, and 20 targets can be tracked at the same time.

Display range is 0.125~96nm.


6. Ship integrated data display system:

Display basic information of navigation, including course, speed, turning rate, rudder Angle, etc.



Technical parameters:

1. Visual design indicators:

1) main view: 3

2)Instrument channel: 3 Integrated display instrument.




2. Visual performance indicators:

1) multi-channel splicing technique is adopted for the view, which is smooth and without deformation;

2) frame frequency is 30 frames.

3) X display resolution is 1024 X 768.

4) the refresh rate of visual field is not less than 60Hz.

5) there are no less than 10 goals in the scene.


3. Signal transmission performance index:

     The delay rate of information transmission between the visual and instrumentation systems is not less than 150ms.


4. Performance indicators for sound systems.

    It can simulate the cooperative noise characteristics that can be heard during navigation, including engine noise, water flow  noise, etc.


5. Design parameters and requirements of the console:

1)Simulation calculation of the display parameters of the cabin instrumentation system in the console;

2)Control the operation of the whole simulator system, so as to make the visual scene, noise sound, and cabin instrument display coordinated.

3)Real-time monitoring of the whole system in the simulator operation.

4)Start, run, manage and fault the whole simulator system.

5)The operation of the console is simple and easy for operators to manage and control.


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