Multimode Receiver

1. Small volume, light weight, installation, convenient carrying;
2. Multimode receiver.

Product Details


ER-32C series receiver is a high performance of the multimode receiver. In packaging, ER-32C series receiver has small volume, light weight, installation, convenient carrying etc. The machine there are multiple serial port to communicate with an external device, also can output high precision positioning and heading and other information. ER-32C can be used in various fields of navigation and positioning and heading, such as ship navigation, vehicle positioning, scientific research and power failure detection, the receiver can package BDM651/670/680 type board.

 Multimode receiver.png


Performance index

The size (not including antenna socket)




Power waste


Horizontal positioning   accuracy (RMS)


RTK accuracy   (Horizontal)

level : 25px+1ppm; vertical 50px+1ppm

Direction finding   accuracy(RMS)

1 m baseline 0.2 degrees

2 m baseline 0.1 degrees

Data update rate


Power input

8~20VDC (recommend 12VDC)

Working temperature


Storage temperature



5% ~95% Relative humidity, no condensation

Interface type

2 Antenna interface(TNC female)

1Power interface(LEMO)

2 communication   interface(LEMO)

Optional built-in radio(received)


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