ER-GT-2 Gyro Theodolite

1.Ultra high precision north seeking,the integral method is used to measure the principle;
2.Pit interference ability is strong,integrated fuselage design , compact structure, stable performance;
3.Has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation and etcs;

Product Details

Product Features

Ultra high precision north seeking

The integral method is used to measure the principle. Pit interference ability is strong

Integrated fuselage design (battery built-in), compact structure, stable performance

It has the functions of low lock, automatic zero observation, automatic north seeking, automatic limiting, wide temperature compensation and so on

Stepwise iterative limiter is used to provide the north seeking accuracy of datum level orientation and reduce the north seeking time

The DC permanent magnet gyro motor is used to reduce the temperature rise of the sensitive part of the gyroscope, and the stability of the equipment is good.

The application of the gyroscope fast braking technique to prolong the service life of the gyro motor without waiting for the sustainable operation

It has the auxiliary function of deflection body, calibration instrument and alignment.


Scope Of Application

Tunnel penetration measurement

Subway engineering survey

Mine through surveying

College survey teaching

Radar precision orientation

Setting up the azimuth datum

Navigation equipment calibration

Missile testing field



Technical Specification

Orienteering accuracy

3.6"  1σ

North seeking principle

Integral formula

North seeking time


Working mode

One-click automatic.

Physical characteristics

Volume (no theodolite)


Weight (excluding theodolite)


Use of the environment

ambient temperature


relative humidity


Storage environment

ambient temperature


relative humidity



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