Oil And Gas DTG Gyroscope

ER-DTG-E2 (0.2°/h) Features:
Drift Stability :0.2°/h (σ);
Small Size:φ29×52mm;
Strong shock resistance;

Product Details

ER-DTG-E2 Oil And Gas DTG Gyroscope


Oil And Gas DTG Gyroscope is designed for the field of the drilling field and solved many technical difficulties, now its operating temperature up to 100 degree centigrade. In the drilling field, inertial devices is greater and more adaptable than flying field, because of its tough working conditions, especially the higher environmental temperatures. Therefore, the temperature of adaptation and life requirements are very serious.


Working temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius;

Better applied to the field of drilling;

Strong adaptability.


1Random Drift (1σ)≤0.3°/h
2Drift Stability   (1σ)≤0.2°/h
5Frequency   Response≥60Hz
6Power   Supply  (Three Phase)         400 Hz 12 V                            
7Power   Supply  (Single Phase)16 KHz 7 V
8Synchronous   Speed                12,000
9Power for Start   Up4 W
10Operating   Current≤0.18 A
11Synchronizing   Time≤10 S
12Output Gradient14 mv/’
13Master torquer
14Vice control   torquer

Scale factor-

Master torquer
≥500 °/h/mA                      

Scale factor-

Vice control   torquer
≥10 °/h/mA
17Max. Tracking   Speed≥200 °/s
18Output   Nonlinearity≤0.1%
20Operating   Temperature-10~+100℃
21Shock   Overload(8ms)≥50 g
22Dimensionφ29×52 mm
23Mounting flanges30×30 mm
24Weight≤130 g


1. What is your quotation condition?

If you have DHL or Fedex account ,we can quote EXW price ,otherwise CIF or FOB price.

2.Do you have any discount when procurement? 

We will quote sample price at first and we will quote volume price if you need more quantity.

3.How long is the delivery time?

For sensors,parts,modules : in stock-one week;no stock-2-4weeks; For systems,generally ,8-12 weeks.

4.How to deal with the quality problems?

If confirmation of product quality problem we can replace it freely for customer in the shortest period.

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