High Precision Timing Board

ER-200 Features:
1.Section of high performance GPS / GLONASS combo satellite receive board;
2.With GPS, GLONASS and GPS + GLONASS three positioning mode;
3.Three positioning and automatic mode switching;

Product Details

High Precision Timing Board


ER-200 high precision timing board is section of high performance GPS / GLONASS combo satellite receive board, with GPS, GLONASS and GPS + GLONASS three positioning mode.

In order to ensure the positioning precision of the optimal, three positioning and automatic mode switching, also by setting a fixed positioning mode can achieve this. Received in the carrier phase smoothing pseudo range to improve the precision of pseudo range measurement, improve the positioning accuracy; using pipelined fast parallel processing algorithms, satellite capture and recapture fast; By one order velocity loop, the second-order acceleration loop and the third order and acceleration loop dynamic control to achieve high dynamic precision stability to meet the needs of the positioning of the carrier in a variety of dynamic environments.


Physical characteristics


55 ± 5g


87.63 × 57.15 × 12.00 mm

Radio frequency head:



GPS+GLONASS Channel number:


Minimum tracking signal strength:

33dB Hz

Location time

Boot satellite capture time:


Boot time:

36s(No ephemeris)

Average initial location time:

6s(Ephemeris injection1σ)

Lock catch time:


Positioning accuracy

GPS Horizontal positioning accuracy(1σ):

1.5m (PDOP≤3)

GPSVertical positioning  accuracy(1σ):

3m (PDOP≤3)

GPS+GLONASS Horizontal positioning accuracy(1σ):

3m (PDOP≤3)

GPS+GLONASS Vertical positioning accuracy(1σ):

6m (PDOP≤3)

Speed accuracy

GPS Horizontal velocity measurement accuracy:

0.05m/s (PDOP≤3)

GPS Vertical velocity measurement accuracy:

0.05m/s (PDOP≤3)

GPS+GLONASS Horizontal velocity measurement  accuracy:

0.05m/s (PDOP≤3)

GPS+GLONASS Vertical velocity measurement  accuracy:

0.05m/s (PDOP≤3)


Maximum dynamic working height:


Maximum dynamic working speed:


Dynamic acceleration:


Dynamic acceleration:

≤ 20g/s

Environmental  characteristics

Working temperature:


Storage temperature:


Electrical characteristics

Wide working voltage:


power waste:


RF output:


Interface and protocol

Serial port:

4 high speed (115.2Kbps)

 standard RS232 serial  port

1PPS output:

TTL level, precision + 50ns

Data output format:

Compatible JNS100 JAVAD format

Drive output:

2 external LED driver outputs

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