High Guality And High Precision Direction Finding Board

ER-321 Features:
1.One of the most high-end GNSS orientation and positioning module;
2.Adapting to dual antenna port, it brings a series of additional functions;
3.With flexibility, low cost,use high-end multipath suppression technique;

Product Details

High Guality And High Precision Direction Finding Board


In this world full of complex and dynamic environments, with the development of advanced mechanical control and navigation solutions, ER-321 high guality and high precision direction finding board is one of the most high-end GNSS orientation and positioning module.

Adapting to dual antenna port, it brings ER-321 a series of additional functions. Including fast, high accuracy of short baseline orientation and RTK Positioning, L-band China precision satellite based enhancement of receiving signals from, for the ups and downs of the RTK, low power consumption and precise timing.

ER-321 features with flexibility, low cost. This GNSS module uses high-end multipath suppression technique, and provides an extended support for BDS L1/L2 to GPS/GLONASSRTK B1/B2/B3 performance.


GNSS performance

Receiving type:

GNSS multi frequency RTK carrier phase

Can receive signal:


Channel number:


GPS sensitivity:


SBAS tracking:

3 channel, parallel tracking

Update rate:

Standard 20Hz, 5Hz optional


Level (RMS) Gao Cheng (RMS)


10mm + 1ppm 20mm + 1ppm


0.25m 0.50m

Autonomous positioning, no SA:

1.2m 2.5m

Direction finding accuracy:

<0.17˚ rms @ 0.5m Antenna spacing

<0.09˚ rms @ 1.0m Antenna spacing

<0.04˚ rms @ 2.0m Antenna spacing

<0.02˚ rms @ 5.0m Antenna spacing

<0.01˚ rms @ 10.0m Antenna spacing

Roll / roll precision:

<1˚ rms

Fluctuation precision:

30 cm RMS (DGPS), 5 cm RMS (RTK)

Timing accuracy (1PPS):


Turning rate:

The maximum to 100 or /S

Cold boot:

<40 s (no calendar or clock)

Warm start:

<20 s(or a typical calendar clock)

Hot start:

<5 s(a typical calendar, clock and location)

Heading lock:

<10 s typical (hot start)

Antenna input resistance:



Serial port:

4 serial CMOS 3.3V (3 main serial ports, 

1 only supports differential serial port, 1 Host USB, 1 Device USB

Baud rate:

4800 - 115200

Differential input / output protocol:

RTCM SC-104,L-Dif™,RTCM v2.3,RTCM v3 (RTK),CMR,CMR+

Data input / output protocol:

NMEA0183, Crescent binary, L-Dif

Timing output:

CMOS 1PPS, low level, falling edge synchronous, 10K, 10pF load

Power Supply

Input voltage :

3.3VDC ± 5%

Power waste:

<3.9W @3.3V (L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS;L-band);

<3.2W @3.3V (L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS)

Electric current :

<1180mA @3.3V (L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS;L-band);

<970mA @3.3V (L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS)

Environmental Science

Working temperature:

-40 ~ 85℃(-40 ~ 185°F)

Storage temperature:

-40 ~ 85℃(-40~ 185°F)


95% no condensation (integrated into the system)



152.4L × 71.1W × 16.3H mm



Status indicator (LED):

Power supply, first and second GPS lock, differential lock, 

DGPS position, heading, RTK lock, L-Band

Power / data connector:

70-pin male head pin, 1.27mm space

Antenna connector:

MCX, female head, straight shape

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