ER-128T Current Type Dual-Axis Inclinometer

High accuracy and parameters optional, customization.

Product Details

ER-128T is a standard industrial output dual-axis inclinometer, standard current 4 ~ 20mA output, meanwhile output dual axis inclination,can be long-distance transmission of up to 2000 meters. The output signal with strong anti-interference, professionally be used to work on engineering machinery and equipment in harsh environment. The product uses the latest MEMS sensor production technology for production, made precise compensation and correction to temperature error and nonlinearity error, small measuring range the highest accurate up to 0.03 ° (more precision index, please refer to product Electronic Characteristics), high accuracy , small size, high packaging technology, good capacity to withstand shock and vibration, built-in anti-RF, anti-electromagnetic interference circuit , is particularly suitable for application underground trenchless type of machinery and other harsh industrial environments. In addition to this product is better than the ordinary market product on technical parameters, on the reliability and stability the product is also using the high-end application-level MCU,three-proofing PCB board, imported cable, wide temperature shielded metal enclosure and other measures to improve product industrial level.

tilt sensor


●Dual-Axis Inclinometer

●Measuring Range :±1±90° optional 

●Accuracy :refer to the technical data 

●Wide voltage input: 936V

●Output interface : 4-20mA

●Wide temperature working: -40+85 

●IP67 protection class

●Highly anti-vibration performance >2000g 

●Resolution: 0.01°

Small Volume : 90×40×26mmcustomized


●Engineering vehicles automatic leveling

●Bridge & dam detection

●Aerial platform vehicle,lifter safety & protection 

●Medical facilities angle control

●Underground drill posture navigation

●Shield pipe jacking application

●Based on the angle direction measurement 

●Geological equipment inclined monitoring

●Directional satellite communications antenna pitching angle measurement

● Equipment level control

●Alignment control , curve control

●Mining machinary, oil-well drilling equipment

Electronic Characteristics:







Power supply






Working current



Output overload





Working temperature




Store temperature




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