High-Precision CAN Bus Dual-Axis Inclination Sensor

ER-G-10 Features:
High accuracy 0.001 °
Temperature drift 0.0003 ° / ℃
Biaxial inclination measurement
Wide voltage input 9-35VDC

Product Details

ER-G-10 High-Precision CAN Bus Dual-Axis Inclination Sensor


ER-G-10 High-Precision CAN Bus Dual-Axis Inclination Sensor is a dual-axis high-precision tilt sensor using MEMS technology and CAN output. The measurement range is ± 15 °, the highest accuracy is 0.001 °, and the temperature drift is 0.0003 ° / ° C. It is a high-precision product in the industry. The sensor uses a high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter with built-in automatic compensation and filtering algorithms, which minimizes errors caused by environmental changes. The change of static gravity field is converted into the change of inclination angle, and the current roll and pitch angles are directly output through digital means. The product is easy to install, simple to use, small in size, resistant to external electromagnetic interference, and strong in shock and vibration. Recommended choice for industrial automation, surveying and mapping, etc.



High accuracy 0.001 °

Temperature drift 0.0003 ° / ℃

Biaxial inclination measurement

Wide voltage input 9-35VDC

Cross axis error 0.001 °

Output frequency 5 ~ 100Hz adjustable

Baud rate adjustable from 2400 to 115200

Output method: CAN


Bridge deflection monitoring

Tunnel and dam monitoring

Building health monitoring

Tower tilt monitoring

Automatic leveling of precision platform

Surveying and mapping instrument

Military Equipment Automation

Fan tower monitoring


Measuring range (°)


± 5

± 15

Measuring axis

Perpendicular to each other



Accuracy (°)

Room temperature



Resolution (°)

Completely stationary



Zero temperature drift (° / ℃)

-40 85 ℃

± 0.0003

± 0.0003

Cross axis error (°)

-40 85 ℃



Power-on startup time



Output frequency (Hz)

5-100Hz adjustable

Up to 100

Up to 100

Baud rate


2400 ~ 115200

2400 ~ 115200


≥90,000 hours / time

Electromagnetic compatibility

According to GBT17626

Insulation resistance

≥100 Megohm

Impact resistance

2000g, 0.5ms, 3 times / axis

Weight (g)

320 (metal plug) / 350 (aviation plug)

Electrical Specifications


9-35V DC

Working current


Operating temperature


Storage temperature



Product Size




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