Low-Cost CAN Bus Dynamic Tilt Sensor

ER-G-08 Features:
Nonlinear compensation
CAN bus output
Small size: L55 x W37 x H24 (mm)
Wide temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃

Product Details

ER-G-08 Low-Cost CAN Bus Dynamic Tilt Sensor


ER-G-08 Low-Cost CAN Bus Dynamic Tilt Sensor is a low-cost inertial measurement device that can measure the attitude parameters (roll and pitch) of a moving carrier. The attitude deviation is estimated by a 6-state Kalman filter with appropriate gain, which is suitable for inclination measurement in the state of motion or vibration.


ER-G-08 uses high-quality and reliable MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes, and guarantees measurement accuracy through algorithms. At the same time, the sealed design and strict process ensure that the product can accurately measure the roll angle and pitch angle of the carrier in harsh environments Attitude parameters. Through a variety of compensations such as non-linear compensation, quadrature compensation, temperature compensation, and drift compensation, errors caused by interference can be greatly eliminated, and the accuracy of the product can be improved. ER-G-08 has a digital interface, which can be easily integrated into the user's system.



Nonlinear compensation

CAN bus output

Dynamic static measurement

Wide temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃

Special offset tracking algorithm eliminates drift

High-performance Kalman filter algorithm

Gyro drift compensation

Small size: L55 x W37 x H24 (mm)



Dump truck

ROV underwater robot navigation

Balance car

The ocean is measurable

Platform stability


Individual combat equipment



Attitude parameter

Dynamic accuracy

2 °

Static accuracy

0.2 °


0.01 °

Tilt range

Tilt ± 90º, Roll ± 180º

Physical properties


L55 × W37× H24mm

Weight (including wire)


Weight (including packaging)


Interface characteristics

Startup delay


Output frequency


Serial communication rate

2400 to 115200 baud rates

Digital output format

Binary high-performance protocol


≥30000 hours / time

Electromagnetic compatibility

According to GBT17626

Insulation resistance

≥100 Megohm

Impact resistance

2000g, 0.5ms, 3 times / axis

Electrical Specifications




Working current

30mA (40mA maximum)

Operating temperature

-40 ~ 85 ℃

Storage temperature

-55 ~ 100 ℃


Product Size




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