High Bandwidth And Large Range FOG Inertial Measurement Unit

ER-5500 Features:
1.High bandwidth, large range
2.Low power consumption and small volume
3.The navigation algorithm can be designed according to the user's needs

Product Details

High Bandwidth And Large Range FOG Inertial Measurement Unit


ER-5500 high bandwidth and large range FOG inertial measurement unitconsisting of a fiber-optic gyroscope and a quartz flexible accelerometer. The three axis closed loop fiber optic gyroscope is adopted to make it with good precision and light shape. Fiber optic inertial measurement unit product is a highly cost-effective inertial measurement equipment, and with broadband, high resolution, small zero drift, high linearity, short start-up time, strong impact resistant and anti vibration ability, small volume, low cost characteristics.


High bandwidth, large range, low power consumption and small volume;

The response time is short and the data update rate can be as high as 4KHz.

With ARM processor, the navigation algorithm can be designed according to the user's needs.

The sensor data are calibrated and temperature compensated, and the whole temperature performance is stable.


Intelligent ammunition (JDAM);

Aeronautical surveying and mapping;

Vehicle navigation and positioning;

Attitude control;

Heave measurement;

Integrated navigation system;

Main technical indicators

Overall indicators:



Power supply: 9-36V DC;

The steady power consumption:≤10W;

Working temperature: -40 - +60 C;

Data update frequency: 1000Hz (customizable max4000Hz);

Interface: RS422

Fiber optic gyroscope index


Zero bias stability:≤0.5°/h

Bias repeatability:≤0.5°/h

Random walk coefficient:≤0.05°/h0.5

The scale factor of repeatability:≤100ppm

The scale factor nonlinearity:≤100ppm


Quartz flexible accelerometerindex (including digital sampling circuit)


Zero bias stability:≤300ug(average 1)

The scale factor stability:≤300ppm(-40—+60℃)

Vertical gyro mode indicators:

Horizontal attitude measurement range: ±60°;

Horizontal attitude accuracy: ≤0.03°;

Heave measurement range: ±5m;

Heave measurement accuracy: ≤ 5%; (the accuracy is better than 5cm when the amplitude is less than 1m);

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