Inertial Navigation Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

1.Advanced technology, high accuracy,flexibility,convenient combination ,wide application;
2.Interference blocking class, mainly through signal interference, acoustic interference and other technologies;
3.Direct destruction of classes, including the use of laser weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles;

Product Details

Inertial Navigation Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)


The inertial navigation AGV has advanced technology, high accuracy, high flexibility, convenient combination and compatibility, and wide application.

Relative to the magnetic navigation AGV products, inertial navigation AGV products is one oftrack navigation AGV, It can’t need fixed route, with greater freedom of movement, particularly suitable for intelligent mobile warehousing logistics, workshop assembly application scenarios.

The running route of the inertial navigation AGV can be dynamically generated. The users can automatically generate transportation tasks according to the requirements of software such as ERP and WMS.Or through the personnel, the station to carry on the dynamic call function, or through the automation equipment interface with PLC, CNC, elevator, according to need to complete the logistics transportation task.

Inertial navigation AGV products have more flexible, not only can be used in indoor, but also be used in outdoor, not only to adapt to the common ground, also can adapt used in steel floor. Product form can be applied from non-standard to industrial standardized vehicles.

Intelligent electronic map, CAD, YAML map expression;Under the path, AGV is based on the board map route, and the path change is simple and convenient.

Trackless navigation technology, strong traffic control system, more flexible deployment capability;The site task changes in real time, selecting the optimal route according to the actual situation.

Multiple docking modes, latent traction, latent lifting, tail traction, load shifting, etc.

The system realizes intelligent logistics, flexible assembly and so on.

Software, hardware system performance is stable, safe, reliable, easy to maintain.

Simple construction path, no trace of the construction after the end of maintenance-free, no maintenance costs.



Specification parameters

Body size of vehicles


Mode of loading

Latent traction

Latent lifting

Carry the loadtransfer

Load capacity






Guidance accuracy


Stop accuracy


Climbing capacity


AGV control mode

A/M Automatic/manul

AGV navigate mode

Inertial navigation

AGV drive mode

steering engine/The double differential of wheel

AGV walking mode

Forward、back、flipper-turn/pivot steering

Wireless communication mode

Internal LAN(WIFI)

Safety protection device

Contact bumper+laser non-contact anti-collision sensor+sound-light alarm+dynamic system monitoring

Electrical wiring

Comply with electrical safety standards and usage procedures

Battery status

Touch screen with battery monitor and alarm when low power

Usage environment

AGV can meet the production environment requirements of the factory

Quality and safety

The AGV is in line with relevant national quality standards, environmental standards and electrical safety standards

Battery pack

Lithium batteries/lead-acid batteries

Charging mode

Automatic charging or artificial charging

Design lifetime

≥10 years

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