High Performance FOG INS

Azimuth accuracy ≤ 0.1° secψ(1σ);
Attitude accuracy ≤ 0.02°(1σ);
Azimuth holding accuracy ≤0.05°sec lat(1σ)

Product Details

ER-FINS-98 High Performance FOG INS (Replace PHINS )


ER-FINS-98 FOG inertial navigation system(Substitute of PHINS) uses triaxial fiber optic gyro to sense angular motion and output digital signal in proportion to the carrier movement angular rate; uses three orthogonal collocation of quartz accelerometer to sense carrier linear acceleration and output proportionable current signal ,which is switched to frequency signal though I-F conversion circuit, then input to navigation computer. Computer finishes data receipt of gyro, accelerometer and external GPS , system compensation error calculation, navigation solution and externally sending real-time speed, position, attitude and navigation information affixed the cycle through the monitoring port .

The initial alignment of ER-FINS-98 is divided into two modes: static alignment and double position alignment. The position accuracy of the two position alignment is higher than that of the static alignment.

ER-FINS-98 has high precision and best stability and showed excellent performance in comparison test with PHINS related INS products.


Pure Inertial Mode

Azimuth accuracy

≤ 0.1°secψ(1σ)

Attitude accuracy

≤ 0.02°(1σ)

Azimuth holding accuracy

0.05° /h

Attitude holding accuracy

0.03° /h

Positioning accuracy(50%CEP)

≤ 2nm/h (10min Static   alignment )

Horizontal velocity   precision(RMS)

≤ 2m/s (10min Static   alignment )

Positioning accuracy(50%CEP)

≤ 1nm/h(Two position alignment,

Alignment time is     less than 30min)

Horizontal velocity   precision(RMS)   

≤ 1m/s(Two position alignment,

Alignment time is less than   30min)

GNSS Assisted Navigation Mode(External receiver)

Azimuth accuracy

≤ 0.1°secψ(1σ)

Horizontal attitude accuracy

≤ 0.02°(1σ)

Azimuth holding accuracy


Horizontal attitude holding   accuracy

≤ 0.01°(1σ)

Positioning accuracy

≤ 5m(1σ)

Speed accuracy

≤ 0.1m/s(1σ)

Power and environment

Data measurement frequency

Maximum 100Hz

Power Supply

23~31V DC Power Supply,

Nominal Supply Voltage27V


Normal temperature steady-state power 

consumption   is less than 17W,  

High and low temperature steady-state   

power consumption is less than 20W, 

Start transient power consumption

is less than 50W

Working Temp

-40° C~+60°C

Storage Temp

-45° C~+80° C

Installment Dimension




Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Time to Prepare

≤ 15s

Bias Stability(100s)

≤ 0.02 ° /h(1σ)

Bias repeatability

≤ 0.02 ° /h(1σ)

Random Walk Coefficient

≤ 0.005° / √ Hz

Scale Factor Nonlinearity

≤ 50ppm(1σ)

Scale Factor Repeatability

≤ 50ppm(1σ)

Gyro Measurement Range

≥ ±300° /s

Quartz Accelerometer

Measurement Range


The Threshold Value

≤ 5×10-6g

Scale Factor Repeatability

≤ 3.5×10-5(1σ)

Scale Factor Temperature   Coefficient     

≤ 6×10-5/° C(-40° C~+60° C)

The Second Order Nonlinear   Coefficient        

≤ 3×10-5g/g2


≤ 6×10-3g

Bias Repeatability

≤ 2.5×10-5g (1σ)

Bias Temp Coefficient

≤ 2.5×10-5g/° C(-40° C ~ +60° C)

Band width

≥ 800Hz



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