Pipe Inertial Mapping System

ER-PMINS(± 3 °) Features:
1.Long time high precision navigation technology.(100h+)
2.High precision correction technology in Mark spot
3.Spiral trajectory error compensation technique
4.Closed pipe "special situation" processing technology 5.Pipeline environmental adaptability technology 6.Accurate positioning in pipeline surveying and mapping

Product Details

ER-PMINS Pipe Inertial Mapping System



ER-PMINS Pipe Inertial Mapping System can measure the trajectory, coordinate of oil and gas pipeline ,and do meter grade positioning , assisted pipeline safety assessment and damaged point positioning. With the advantages of a highly automatic, low power consumption, long term working and the centimeter grade measurement precision of pipeline deformation , the product has successfully applied in CNOOC, petro china pipeline detection engineering application.


Long time high precision navigation technology(100h+);

High precision correction technology in Mark spot;

Spiral trajectory error compensation technology;

Closed pipe "special situation" processing technology;

Pipeline environmental adaptability technology;

Accurate positioning in pipeline surveying and mapping.


Pipeline detection

Pipe mapping inertial navigation system


Measurement range

Speed range

-50 m / s ~   50m / s

Pitch angle

± 90 °

Roll angle

± 180 °

Heading  range

0 ° ~ 360 °

Measurement Precision  


± 2m (1σ)

Horizontal   positioning accuracy (east, north)

± 2m (1σ)

Pitch angle   (initial alignment)

± 0.15 °

Roll angle   (initial alignment)

± 0.15 °

Heading   angle (initial alignment)

± 3 °


1. What is your quotation condition?

If you have DHL or Fedex account ,we can quote EXW price ,otherwise CIF or FOB price.

2.Do you have any discount when procurement? 

We will quote sample price at first and we will quote volume price if you need more quantity.

3.How long is the delivery time?

For sensors,parts,modules : in stock-one week;no stock-2-4weeks; For systems,generally ,8-12 weeks.

4.How to deal with the quality problems?

If confirmation of product quality problem we can replace it freely for customer in the shortest period.

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