ER-5651 MEMS Inertial/Satellite Integrated Navigation System

1. Equipped with MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer and mapping multi-mode multi-frequency GNSS receiver;
2. It can achieve a single antenna dynamic alignment or dual antenna-assisted fast high-precision orientation;
3. The directional accuracy can reach up to 0.1 deg.

Product Details


Technical Advantages:

Ø Built in surveying and mapping level GNSS receiver: support Beidou B1, B2;

Ø Embedded data fusion algorithm engine SFE for GNSS occlusion, multipath interference is specially optimized;

Ø Post processing software for surveying and mapping level navigation;

Ø Support rapid alignment: dynamic accuracy 0.1°, time 1~2 minutes (dynamic maneuver is needed);

Ø Support low dynamic application environments condition satellite dual antenna aided rapid orientation: accuracy of 0.1° (2m baseline);

Ø Interface: RS232/RS422/LAN/CAN/USB;

Ø Maximum support for 16G data storage extensions, support navigation data / raw data / external user data storage;

Ø Support multiple external sensor combinations (odometer/DVL/barometric altimeter);

Ø NMEA0183 standard protocol output and up to 20 exclusive protocols flexibly available;

Product description:

This product is equipped with micro MEMS gyroscope, accelerometer, and mobile surveying and mapping level multimode multi frequency GNSS receiver which supports GPS/GLONSS/BD function. After careful design, the system size with excellent integrated navigation performance can be reduced to an unprecedented compact, which can achieve dynamic rapid alignment or GNSS dual antenna aided rapid and high-precision orientation, and the directional accuracy can reach 0.1° .

Product supports GNSS/ odometer /DVL/ barometric altimeter and other external sensors, has excellent scalability, by using multi sensor data fusion technology integrates multi-source data, the system of regional adaptability and robustness has been greatly improved, while it also has AHRS navigation reference function. In the absence of any external assistance, it can achieve long time attitude and heading keeping. It is especially suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles, underwater vehicles and other unmanned aerial vehicle navigation and attitude determination.

In order to meet the application demand of mobile street view mapping, ocean mapping and other mapping areas, with the original data storage and surveying and mapping level navigation post-processing software, users can choose according to requirements.


Technical specification:

System accuracy


0.1° (1σ) dynamic alignment
0.1° (1σ) low dynamic dual antenna assistance, 2m baseline



GNSS combined horizontal positioning accuracy

Single point L1/L2: 1.2m (1σ)

DGPS: 0.4m (1σ)

RTK: 2cm+1ppm (1σ)

GNSS combined speed accuracy


Odometer combined positioning accuracy

1% driven distance (depending on the accuracy of the external odometer)

Heaving measurement accuracy

5 cm or 1%

Start Time

≤ 10s

Alignment time

1~2min (depending on the form of dynamic maneuver)

Dual antenna assisted directional time

≤ 1min

Key components parameters

MEMS Gyroscope

Range: ±300°/s

Zero partial stability: ≤ 20° /h


Range: ±10g  

Zero partial stability: ≤ 1mg

User model

Car model(the default model)

Airborne model, ship model

Data interface

Serial port

2 path (RS232/RS422 configurable), 1 pathRS232






1 path differential signal, 2 path single end; 

Support PPS, EVENTMARK input/output

Subsidiary sensors

Odometer/DVL/atmospheric altimeter interface

Storage capacity


Data refresh rate

200Hz (configurable)

Electrical characteristics

Supply voltage

24V DC rated (12 ~ 32V DC)

Power consumption

≤ 7W

Physical characteristics

Outline dimension



≤ 500g

Environmental characteristics


20~ 500Hz, vibration acceleration 5g



Operating temperature

-40℃~ +60℃

Protection grade




Optional accessory

Odometer kit

Doppler speed radar/wheel speed sensor

Barometric altimeter

10~ 1200Hpa, resolution 0.1 Hpa, measurement accuracy 10m (Max)

RTK difference station

Digital transmit radio 433 MHz/ 900MHz/ 2.4GHz

Navigation post-processing software

The processing result can reach the mapping level requirement

Antenna specifications

Framing signal

BDS: B1, B2, B3

GPS: L1,L2


Galileo: El, E5b


Ф31mm x 50.39mm



Application field:

Space field

Unmanned aircraft;
Aerial surveying;
Photoelectric detection stability;


High dynamic measurement range;

Pneumatic altimeter combination;
Full temperature calibration compensation (-40 ~ 80 ℃);
Built-in 16G data storage;
INS / GNSS combination design;

Optimization vibration environment accuracy;

Land-based domain

Street View Cart;

Electric inspection unmanned car;
Intelligent unmanned car;

Vehicle-mounted satellite communication;

Support single antenna mode;

Support IE post-processing;
Support multiple interface output;
Support RTK mobile station;
Support NMEA standard protocol;

      ER-5651 MEMS Inertial/Satellite Integrated Navigation System.jpg

Product dimensions:


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