MEMS Inertial Navigation System

1. Provide horizontal attitude, Heading attitude, longitude, latitude, altitude, etc.
2. Can be widely used in unmanned aerial vehicles, vehicle navigation, aviation and platform stability control and other fields.

Product Details

ER-MGI210/230 Closely integrated navigation system can provide horizontal attitude, heading attitude and other information, longitude, latitude, altitude, positioning information,the 3D acceleration, angular velocity inertial measurement information and etc. By extending the range of the mileage meter and the height of the barometer, it further improves the accuracy and applicability of the system and it can be widely used in unmanned aerial vehicles, vehicle navigation, aviation and platform stability control and other fields.

ER-MGI230 , with high accuracy and high dynamic GPS receiver as the satellite signal sensor, use carrier phase differential technique and fast calculation of the whole week ambiguity technology. It can accurately calculate the azimuth angle of the carrier motion, inertial measurement technology aided attitude determination navigation. When the GPS signal interferences , by maintaining the inertial measurement unit within a period of time, system can still output high precision data.

ER-MGI230 overcomes the deficiency of a single device, give full play to the GPS high precision, with no accumulation error, no drift, low price and inertial products good dynamic performance, strong anti-interference ability. Without the need of external signal source, it is able to work and Improve the overall attitude measurement accuracy, navigation accuracy and real-time tracking performance of the system. The proof in the land, sea and air a variety of environmental test, heading accuracy of 0.1 degrees, roll and pitch accuracy 0.05 degrees, and effectively overcome the drift angle of heading error. It is multi system compatible and complement each other, mutual backup all-weather high reliability azimuth measurement products. Especially for satellite communication vehicle, meteorological radar vehicle, warship, expedition ship, airship, UAV, fire control system, command and control system, weapon aiming system, have very strong competitiveness.

Systematic   Name





Performance Indicators



≤ 1.0 deg (1 σ)

≤ 0.3 deg (1 σ)


±100 deg/s

±400 deg/s

Horizontal   Attitude(Roll And Pitch)

≤ 0.5 deg (1 σ)

≤ 0.2 deg (1 σ)

Bias Stability

≤ 0.05 deg/s

≤ 10 deg/h

Horizontal   Position

2.5   m CEP

2.5   m CEP

Bias   Repeatability

≤ 0.05 deg/s

≤ 10 deg/h


4 m   CEP

4 m   CEP



≤ 0.2 m/s (1 σ)

≤ 0.1 m/s (1 σ)


±10 g(customizable)


Interface Features

Bias Stability

≤ 0.1 mg

≤ 0.1mg


9~36   Vdc

9~36   Vdc

Bias   Repeatability

≤ 0.2 mg

≤ 0.2mg

Power   Consumption

≤ 3.5 W @ 12 VDC

≤4W @24Vdc


Electrical   Interface



Data   Update Rate

100   Hz @ 115,200 bps

100   ~ 200Hz

GNSS   Features

16   Channel, GPS

L1   Frequency Point

16   Channel GPSL1, 

BD   B1

Operating Environment

Positioning   Time

≤ 60 s

≤ 60 s

Operating Temperature

-40° C ~ +85° C

Typical   Recapture Time

≤ 10 s

≤ 10 s

Storage Temperature

-55° C ~ +85° C


6 g   @ 20~2000 Hz


30   g, 11 ms, 1/2 Sine

Physical Property

Physical Size

68.8×68×70 mm

86.8×68×87 mm


≤ 500 g

≤ 500 g

  ER-MGI210 / 230 Closely Integrated Navigation System.jpg

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