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Feb 07, 2018

An accelerometer is an instrument for measuring acceleration. Acceleration measurement is an important subject of engineering technology. When the object has a large acceleration, objects and their instruments and devices and other objects without relative acceleration are subjected to the same acceleration force, i.e., dynamic loads. If you want to know the dynamic load, it is necessary to measure the acceleration. Secondly, to know where the instantaneous aircraft, rockets and space ships position by inertial navigation (see gyro platform inertial navigation system) measure the acceleration continuously, then the velocity components obtained by integral operation, coordinate integral signal again in one direction, and the measurement of three coordinate directions of the comprehensive a motion curve and gives each instantaneous position where the space navigation. For example, in some control systems, acceleration signals are often needed as part of the information needed to generate control action. There is also a continuous measurement of acceleration. The device that can give an acceleration signal continuously is called an acceleration sensor.



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