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Advantages of fiber optic gyroscopes

Mar 14, 2019

Fiber optic gyroscope is an all-solid optical gyroscope. Its main advantages are: 1 no moving parts, the device is firm and stable, impact resistant, and not sensitive to the acceleration of the loading body. 2 The structure is simple, the parts are small, and the price is medium. 3 Short start-up time (in principle, it can be started instantly). 4 Detection sensitivity and resolution are extremely high (up to 10 rad/s). 5 can be directly connected to the computer with digital output. 6 The dynamic range is extremely wide (approximately 2000°/s). 7 long life, stable and reliable signal. 8 Easy to use integrated optical technology. 9 Overcome the negative effects caused by the phenomenon of laser gyro lockout. 10 can be combined with a ring laser gyro to form a strapdown inertial system. Fiber optic gyros have great advantages compared with other gyros. 


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