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Anti-drone defence system

Feb 08, 2018


With the increasing awareness of operational Anti-UAV combat in the future, UAV combat missions continue to strengthen, anti-UAV technology system under the dual role of traction and technological development to promote the role of combat has a more solid theoretical and technical foundation.

Anti-UAV technology system consists of detection and tracking and early warning technology, damage technology, interference technology, camouflage and fraud 4 most of the components, mainly based on the following considerations: In the implementation of anti-UAV combat, we must first detect the UAV tracking And early warning, and then according to the actual situation in the battlefield, choose to fire the drone fire hard hit or interfere with its failure to damage the soft damage. In addition, we must take proactive camouflage protection methods and means to reduce the reconnaissance efficiency and effectiveness of the other UAV.

These four major technologies, both active Anti-UAV defence system, but also passive means of camouflage protection means, active and passive anti-aircraft integrated anti-drone technology, making the overall anti-UAV combat effectiveness of the largest and most optimization.

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