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Anti unmanned aerial vehicle (Anti UAV) technology-black science and technology

May 15, 2017

At present, countries of anti unmanned aerial vehicle (anti UAV) technology mainly include acoustic interference, signal interference, the hacker technology, laser cannons, "drones" anti unmanned aerial vehicle (anti UAV), radio control, etc.

                                                               Anti UAV Defence System

1. Technology: seize the radio control

With the consumption level of the popularity of UAVs in the United States, the U.S. government had to take some tough measures, to ensure the security of low altitude areas. The U.S. government of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), identified by a receiver to track and use electrical signals strong enough light drones, seize the radio control.Operation process, once the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) cannot receive signals, will crash. In order to avoid the happening of this kind of situation, used by the U.S. government to tackle unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) transmission code, and then control the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and guide its return, return to the hands of the operator.


2. Technology: acoustic interference

The researchers on the key components of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) gyroscope resonance test, found available acoustic resonance in the gyroscope, the output error message, and the resulting in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to fall.


3. Technology: signal interference

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) cannot get enough accurate coordinate data. therefore, Countries flight control of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is using GPS satellite navigation system with a combination of inertial navigation system.Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the picture also need to know their precise location, therefore unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is installed on the GPS receiver. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) GPS receiver vulnerable to electronic interference, lead to UAV can only rely on the inertial navigation system based on gyroscope, cannot get enough accurate coordinate data. Even if there is no precise terrain measurement, with the aid of cameras and video cameras for intelligence will not have any value. At this time of UAV at most is a flying camera, whether from a military perspective, or from the Angle of surveying and mapping of civilian, would mean a loss.


4. Technology: radar or microphone

French ThalesSA electronics manufacturers are developing a system that will use radar to detecting UAV, confirmed by camera, interference and use complex tools to control the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). American drones detection system manufacturers DroneShield developed UAV technology by using radar or microphone to monitor.