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Application examples of gyro theodolite

Jan 31, 2018

Measurement of the center line of a folded tunnel

In the tunnel and other excavation engineering, the long distance wire which is difficult to ensure the accuracy is generally used in the measurement of the center line in the pit. Especially for the situation of shield excavation, from the short baseline datum line of the vertical pit, we must have high angle measuring accuracy and displacement accuracy. In the survey, we should regularly check the ground and underground corresponding to ensure the accuracy of the survey. Especially in dense urban areas, it is not possible to carry out too much testing and encounter difficulties. If the gyro theodolite is used, the azimuth datum with absolute high accuracy can be obtained, and it can reduce the expensive testing operation (the least checkpoint). It is a highly efficient centerline measurement method.


Foldable direction angle acquisition

When visibility barriers cannot obtain the direction angle from a known point, astronomical measurement method can be used to obtain or gyro theodolite orientation angle (according to the measurement standard of construction). Compared with the astronomical survey, the gyro-theodolite measurement has many advantages: less dependence on weather, no more cloud, no complicated astronomical computation, and any angle of survey line, and easy to calculate closure error.


Folding North determination

Height limitation or shade sunshine conditions on the high-rise buildings in the city or suburban area. In the construction of the application, to attach the shadow map. This image refers to 8 points in the winter solstice when the sun really to 16 as a benchmark for high precision north direction, in order to calculate, drawing required determination. The use of gyro theodolite measurement can obtain true measurement time effect is not affected by weather.


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