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Application of inertial sensors

Jan 21, 2019

As a consumer electronics product, low-precision MEMS inertial sensor is mainly used in mobile phones, GPS navigation, game consoles, digital cameras, music players, wireless mouse, PD, hard disk protector, smart toys, pedometer, anti-theft system. Due to the basic measurement functions, such as acceleration measurement, tilt measurement, vibration measurement and even rotation measurement, consumer electronics applications to be explored will keep emerging
The accuracy of the MEMS inertial sensors, as industrial and automotive products, are mainly used in automotive electronic stability system (ESP or ESC) GPS aided navigation system, automotive airbags, vehicle attitude measurement, precision agriculture, industrial automation, large medical equipment, robots, instrumentation, engineering machinery, etc
High precision MEMS inertial sensors, as military and aerospace products, mainly require high precision, total temperature area, impact resistance and other indexes. Mainly used for communication satellite wireless, missile seeker, optical targeting system and other stability applications; Aircraft/missile flight control, attitude control, yaw damping and other control applications, as well as medium-range missile guidance, inertial GPS navigation and other guidance applications, long-range aircraft ship instruments, battlefield robots.

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