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Classification&Application of motor (1)

Dec 19, 2017

As we known, the motor is an important part of drive and control system, with the development of modern science and technology, the motor has started from the past in the practical application of simple transmission to the complex control transfer; In particular, the precise control of the speed, position and torque of the motor. However, according to different applications, the motor will have different design and driving methods. At first glance, it seems that the selection is very complicated. Therefore, the basic classification is carried out for people according to the purpose of rotating motor. Next, we will introduce the most representative, most common and basic motors in the motor - control motor and power motor and signal motor.


1. Servo motor

    The servo motor is widely used in various control systems, which can convert the input voltage signal into the mechanical output of the motor shaft, and drag the controlled component to achieve the control purpose.

2. Stepping motor

      Stepper motor is mainly used in the field of NC machine tool manufacturing, due to the stepper motor don't need A/D conversion, can be directly to digital pulse signal into angular displacement, therefore has long been regarded as the most ideal CNC machine actuators.