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Classification of Antenna

Jun 22, 2017

1. According to the nature of work can be divided into transmitting antenna and receiving antenna.

2. According to the application can be divided into communication antenna, broadcast antenna, TV antenna, radar antenna and so on.


3. According to the direction can be divided into omnidirectional antenna and directionalantenna and so on.

4. According to the wavelength can be divided into ultra long wave antenna, long wave antenna, medium wave antenna, short wave antenna, ultra-short wave antenna, microwave antenna and so on.

5. According to the structure form and working principle can be divided into line antenna and surface antenna and so on. Describe the characteristic parameters of the antenna with directional, directional, gain, input impedance,radiation efficiency, polarization and bandwidth.

6. According to the dimension can be divided into two types: one-dimension antenna, two-dimension antenna.

7. According to the use of different occasions can be divided into three types: hand-held antenna, vehicle antenna,base antenna.