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Comparision of different acceleration sensors

Mar 15, 2017

Comparision of different acceleration sensors


The piezoelectric acceleration sensor

Piezoresistive acceleration sensor

Capacitive acceleration sensor

Servo acceleration sensor


Small volume, light weight, wide working frequency band




Small volume, low power consumption, etc

Structure is simple, cheap, high sensitivity, zero hysteresis, vacuum compatible, overload ability, good dynamic corresponding characteristic and to the harsh conditions such as high temperature, radiation, strong adaptability

Good dynamic performance, large dynamic range and good linearity


Auto brake start testing, instrumentation, earthquake detection alarm system, and engineering vibration, geological exploration, railways, Bridges, vibration test and analysis of the dam

Widely used in automobile collision experiment, testing instruments, equipment vibration monitoring and other fields

In the airbag, mobile devices, and other fields

Widely used in inertial navigation and inertial guidance systems, in the vibration of the high precision measurement and calibration are applied