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Current situation and development trend of comprehensive logging

Jan 05, 2018

By the end of 20th century, integrated logging technology has been developed that including conventional geological logging, drilling fluid logging, gas logging, geochemical logging, drilling engineering monitoring logging and logging while drilling etc. The instruments used include wireless while drilling inclinometers, electronic inclinometers, and electronic inclinometers. Gyro inclinometer basically realized from signal acquisition, processing, storage, transmission to interpretation automation; The whole process of oil and gas drilling is realized. Monitoring and in oil and gas drilling operations, it uses a variety of measuring instruments (including surface and underground measuring instruments), which can directly reflect the underground geological structure, oil and gas situation and drilling engineering data in real time. Therefore, it has the characteristics of obtaining information timely, diverse, and fast analysis and interpretation, which can not be replaced by other exploration techniques. Comprehensive logging technology is a multidisciplinary comprehensive technology, which is physical and chemical. A variety of advanced methods and means of computer and information science, involving petroleum geology, drilling engineering, geochemistry, geophysics, sensing technology, information processing and transmission technology, are contemporary high technology. With the introduction of integrated logging system, it has three attributes of modern information technology, such as sensor instrument, computer and network communication. The weight and status of integrated logging technology will be greatly increased, especially in the construction of "digital oil" or "digital oil field", it will have a greater development prospect and service space.


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