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Definition and application of dynamic tuning gyroscope

Feb 28, 2018

The Dynamic Tuned Gyroscope (DTG) is a gyroscope that is supported by a flexible joint consisting of two pairs of orthogonal torsion bars and a balanced ring frame through a gyroscope. The negative elastic moment produced by dynamic effect is used to cancel the positive elasticque of elastic torsion bar, so that the rotor is in the state of free rotor with no torque, and the accuracy of gyroscope is improv tored.  


It has been used in the water and land on the strapdown north finder TV antenna, fast tracker, and widely used in aerospace strapdown inertial navigation system, can also be used for high dynamic carrier attitude system.  

DTG can be used in strapdown attitude system and platform type ground, maritime, aviation and aerospace carrier.

In the drilling field, application of inertial device than the flying field, higher requirements, product adaptability in technology, because of its poor working conditions, high temperature environment, to adapt to the requirements of temperature and life are very harsh, DTG for logging under the condition of design and development of the higher precision the has overcome the above technical difficulties, the work temperature is 100 degrees centigrade.


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