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Definition of liquid floating gyroscope

Jul 04, 2018

The gyro frame assembly is suspended by high-density liquid. The Archimedes principle is used to make the buoyancy buoyancy completely overcome the gravity, and the neutral suspension is used to unload the bearing. The gyroscope is called a full liquid floating gyro, which is referred to as a liquid floating gyro. Fluid floated gyroscope.


The liquid floating gyroscope is a kind of gyroscope widely used in the inertial navigation system. It belongs to the frame type gyroscope, and its high speed rotating gyroscope rotor is driven by the gyro motor. The main feature of the liquid floating gyroscope is that the rotor is sealed in a float (or float) filled with inert gas, and the float is suspended in the fluorine oil, and the buoyancy of the float is controlled by precise static balance and temperature control. It is perfectly balanced with the gravity of the component, thus ensuring that the frictional torque on the jewel bearing for the positioning of the float is reduced to a very small extent.


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