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Development of MEMS inertial navigation

Dec 21, 2017


The common processing materials of MEMS inertial sensor have quartz and silicon. The inertial devices produced by quartz have good stability, but the processing technology is difficult and the cost is high.Silicon is relatively easy to process, using integrated circuit manufacturing processes such as corrosion and photolithography, and the cost of the device is low. With the maturation of the process, the performance of the silicon micro inertial device has been greatly improved, and the application scope of the MEMS inertial device is expanding. MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope are developing in the direction of higher precision and higher integration, and the development of MEMS gyroscope is particularly obvious.

With the improvement of MEMS inertial sensor performance, MEMS INS and integrated navigation system greatly expand the application scope of inertial navigation system because of its small volume, light gravity, low power consumption and low cost.The demand for navigation in military applications and civil applications together forms the impetus for the continuous development of MEMS INS.The development trend of MEMS INS is: in the same small chip, machining of micro inertial measurement unit, integrated microprocessor, to realize the integration of sensor and processor encapsulation, constitutes a tiny chip level of inertial navigation system.The MEMS inertial navigation system in sensor field will be the development direction of military, industrial control and civil domain.

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