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Dual-purpose inclinometer

Jan 16, 2019

Dual-use inclinometer is a dual-use instrument for measuring the horizontal inclination of the longitudinal axis of the carrier and measuring the geomagnetic field lines of force.


A dual-use inclinometer is an instrument used to measure the slope (or inclination), elevation or pitching Angle of an object relative to gravity. It is also called inclinometer, tilt indicator, slope alarm, slope meter, gradiometer, gradiometer, level meter, level meter, subsidence meter and pitch indicator. The measuring instrument measures two slopes (positive slope, as the observer looks up) and USES three different measuring units (negative slope observed by the observer looking down) : degree, percentage and pitch (see slope (slope) naming details). Constellations are inclinometers used to navigate and locate astronomical objects from ancient times to the Renaissance. 
On airplanes, "ball" coordinators or turn and bank indicators are sometimes called dipmeters.