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Anti unmanned aerial vehicle technology system framework

Jun 07, 2017

With the future battlefield of Anti unmanned aerial vehicle combat awareness continues increase, anti unmanned aerial vehicle combat missions continue to strengthen, Anti unmanned aerial vehicle technology system has a more solid theoretical and technical foundation under the dual influence of combat demand traction and technical development .

                                                   Low-altitude And Slow-speed Small Targets Defense System AUAV-Fixed

Anti unmanned aerial vehicle technology system consist of detection tracking and early warning technology,damage technology,interference technology, camouflage deception  technology 4 parts, mainly based on the follows considerations follows:

In implement of AUAVoperations,firstly to detect track unmanned aerial vehicle and early warning, then according to the actual situation of the battlefield, choose to carry out fire damage to the unmanned aerial vehicle technology or to carry out the soft damage of interference failure. In addition, we must take a proactive camouflage protection methods and means to reduce the other side of the unmanned aerial reconnaissance efficiency and effectiveness.

This 4 most of the technology, both active unmanned aerial vehicle technology means, there are passive camouflage means of protection, active and passive way of anti unmanned aerial vehicletechnology integration, making anti-human aircraft combat effect as a whole, the most optimization.