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Comparison of Strapdown inertial navigation system and Platform inertial navigation system

Nov 16, 2016

INS is including thegyroscope and accelerometer also algorithm. From the platform system and the working principle of strapdown system, made the following comparison:

                     Fiber optic inertial navigation system

1. Strapdown INS’s sensitive element is convenient to fixing, maintenence and changing.

2. Strapdown INS’s sensitive element can provide all the parameters of coordinate system, and then provide it to Navigation system, stability control system, and equipment control system.

3. Strapdown INS’s sensitive element easy to arrange repeatedly, it will be helpful to improve its performance and reliability.

4. Strapdown system cancel the platform, it eliminates the error in the stability process, meanwhile, reduce the volume of the system.

5. Strapdown system put the sensitive element fixing in the carrier directly, which make the working environment of navigation sensitive element more worse, also it reduces the accuracy of the system. Therefore, it should take error compensation into consideration, or using new optical gyroscope.   

The hot spot of Inertial navigation system are mainy concentrate on inertial sensitive element, system accuracy, reliability, who system performance, system correct etc. The most important is how to correct, how to set up error module, how to make real time compensation, also updating of strapdown matrix etc.