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Features of Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Apr 11, 2018


ER-Three Axis FOG Gyroscope.jpg

1. With less parts, fiber optic gyroscope is stable with strong anti-impact and anti-acceleration capability;

2. The wound optical fiber is long, which increases the sensitivity and resolution by several orders of magnitude.

3. Without mechanical parts, fiber optic gyroscope reduces the wear and tear of parts, and the service life is relatively long.

4. Easy to collect integrated optical path technology, signal stable, and it can be used directly for numerical output and connected with computer port;

5. By changing the length of the fiber and the number of cycles of light, fiber optic gyroscope can be made into several different precision and has a wide dynamic range:

6. Short start-up time: the time is negligible compared with the speed of beam propagation.Therefore, the start-up time is short, and no preheating is required.

7. Small size, simple structure, light weight and low price;


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