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Fiber optic strapdown inertial navigation system

Aug 20, 2017


FOG INS inner IMU is composed of three-axis fiber optic gyroscope and three quartz flexible accelerometers.


Fiber optic gyroscope is a kind of fiber optic interferometer, which based on Sagnac effect, namely, two light beams of transmitting each other are interfering in the same optical fiber sensing ring, to form the fiber optic Sagnac interferometer, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 Fiber optic gyroscope principle diagram 

Accelerometer using quartz flexible accelerometer. Quartz flexible accelerometer is mechanical pendulum force balance accelerometer, it consists of headers and servo circuit. Header is consist of quartz flexible detection quality components, torque, corset and isolation ring fittings, housing and other components. Servo circuit is hybrid integrated circuit, it consists of benchmark by triangle wave generator, differential capacitance detector, current integrator, transconductance amplifier compensation and voltage regulator five parts.


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