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Fire Protection of the DC Motor

Mar 08, 2017

In the process of using the DC motor, we should pay attention to both the standard operation and the basic common sense. In case of the accident, we know how to avoid the unnecessary problems. Therefore, knowing more about the method of fire prevention is important.We would like to provide some methods for your reference as following:



1. Around the machinery, piling up sundry is not allowed.In order to avoid fire,DC motor and its starter should keep a proper distance between fuel.


2. In the case of being overhauled, and being cut the power supply for more than 7 days, the motor should be measured whether the insulation resistance is qualified. In order to ensure when it works, it can not be burned out because of the insulation breakdown.


3. When it starts up, the start up time and the start-up time interval should strictly implemented. Try to avoid frequent start,so as not to cause a fire because of the accumulation of stator winding which is overheat.


4. In the process of starting up, the current and the voltage shall not exceed the permitted range. The temperature, the sound, the vibration and the axial string should work in a right way, without burnt smell.  

5. When the motor appeared phase-deficient operation, the power supply should be immediately cut off, to prevent motor is on fire because of the heating from the overload phase-deficient operation.


6. Once the DC motor is on fire, the power supply should immediately cut off. Using the carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, fire extinguisher and steam electric equipment to put out the fire.


As for DC motors, the fire protection consciousness is important. We should pay much attention to it.