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GPS/BD North Finder

Jul 02, 2017

Gyro north finder is also called the gyro compass, using the gyro principle under the speed in the local water of the earth from the angle of projection direction (that is, the true north) of a kind of inertial measurement system. Its north process without external reference. In addition to being limited by the high latitudes, it finds north measurement is not affected by the weather, day and night time, the influence of the magnetic field and site visibility conditions. Gyro north finder is a precision inertial measurement instruments, usually it is used in artillery, missiles and maneuvering weapon systems such as ground radar azimuth reference. Depending on the type of gyro, gyro north finder found can be divided into two degrees of freedom gyro as the earth's rotation sensor for north instrument (such as suspension pendulum gyro north finder), in uniaxial rate gyro sensor for north discussion (such as strapdown gyroscope north finder) and platform for the system. The vibration of the gyro north finder found on environmental interference (especially for low frequency vibration interference) is very sensitive. According to use environment, high precision gyro north finder can be divided into the ground found erection for north finder, onboard gyro north finder button, found Marine base gyro north finder found 3 kinds.


Gyro with GPS/BD satellite navigation system and receiver are combined, which can improve the orientation precision, greatly shorten the time orientation, but also it can greatly reduce the precision of required to achieve the same precision. It has obvious price advantage.

Low Cost FOG North Finder (0.5°-1°)