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GPS deception of anti- drone

Aug 10, 2017

Currently, under normal circumstances, the vast majority consumer drones will be the first choice of GPS navigation for flight control, while civilian GPS signals are not encrypted, which leaves the available space. GPS deception is a common method of anti-drone.

The main principle of GPS deception is to send false geographic coordinates to the control system of drone, thus controlling navigation system and inducing drone to fly to the wrong site. GPS signal can be generated by generator, or it can be recorded in advance and replayed. Because the GPS signals of drone received always refer to the strongest signal resource, so the GPS signal of artificial on the earth is enough strong, which can indeed cover the GPS signal from space, and deceive the GPS  receive module of drone.At present, every country had set up a no fly zone in the core area, many drone manufacturers had set up in inner firmware of drone, drone cannot take off in the no fly zone, even it reached the no fly zone will automatically landing.

Therefore, as long as the ground artificial GPS signals simulate the geographical location as the coordinates of the no fly zone, the drone can be forced to land on its own. At the 2015 World Congress of hackers, DEFCON 23, security teams demonstrated GPS spoofing of drones and successfully landed drones flying on the ground.

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