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Gyro composition

Jul 23, 2018

When analyzing the motion of the gyro from the point of view of mechanics, it can be regarded as a rigid body. There is a directional pivot point on the rigid body, and the gyro can rotate three degrees of freedom around the fulcrum, so the movement of the gyro is a rigid body. Rotating motion around a fixed point. More specifically, a flywheel rotor that rotates at high speed around the axis of symmetry is called a gyro. The gyroscope is mounted on the frame device so that the rotation axis of the gyroscope has an angular rotation degree. The overall device is called a gyroscope.


The basic components of the gyroscope are:

(1) Gyro rotor (usually using synchronous motor, hysteresis motor, three-phase AC motor and other drag methods to make the gyro rotor rotate around the rotation axis at high speed, and see its speed is approximately constant);

(2) inner and outer frames (or inner and outer rings, which are structures for obtaining the desired angular rotational freedom of the gyro's rotation axis);

(3) Accessories (referring to torque motors, signal sensors, etc.)

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