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Inertial Navigation System

Jun 27, 2019

An inertial navigation system includes at least a computer and a platform (or module) containing an accelerometer, gyroscope, or other motion sensor. Initially, the outside world (operator and global system receiver, etc.) provides the initial position and speed to the inertial navigation system. Thereafter, the inertial navigation system continuously updates the current position and speed by integrating the information of the motion sensor. The advantage of INS is that after the initial conditions are given, the current position, direction and speed can be determined without an external reference.

By detecting the acceleration and angular velocity of the system, the inertial navigation system can detect position changes (such as eastward or westward movement), speed changes (speed magnitude or direction), and attitude changes (rotation around each axis). It does not require the characteristics of an external reference to make it naturally immune to outside interference or deception.


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