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MWD principle introduction - cable transmission method

May 17, 2018

MWD principle introduction , cable transmission method advantages:

The information transmission has high efficiency, high speed, large amount of information, and real-time transmission.

No underground power is required, and ground power is conducted downhole through cables;

Can be two-way communication, forming a closed-loop control;

There is no information attenuation problem and there is no well depth limitation;

1. Cable drill pipe:

Special drill pipe, buried in the drill pipe wall. Special joints not only connect drill pipes but also connect cables.

Disadvantages: cable drill pipe production is too complicated;

2. Cable while drilling:

Instruments and cables enter the drill rod water eye from the test fittings and run downhole. Disadvantages:

Can't take a single order after entering.

Unable to perform rotary drilling;

Cables are prone to wear; etc.



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