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Pressure sensor error

Mar 08, 2018

First offset error: Because the pressure sensor maintains a constant vertical offset over the entire pressure range, variations in converter diffusion and laser trim corrections will produce offset errors.


Followed by the sensitivity error: the size of the error is proportional to the pressure. If the sensitivity of the device is higher than the typical value, the sensitivity error will be an increasing function of the pressure. If the sensitivity is lower than the typical value, the sensitivity error will be a decreasing function of the pressure. The reason for this error is the change in the diffusion process.


The third is the linear error: This is a small initial pressure sensor error of the smaller factors, the error is due to the physical non-linear silicon, but for the amplifier with the sensor, the amplifier should also include the non-linear. The linear error curve can be a concave curve or a convex curve load cell.


The last is the hysteresis error: In most cases, the hysteresis error of the pressure sensor is completely negligible because of the high mechanical rigidity of the wafer. Generally only need to consider the lag error in the case of great pressure changes.


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