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Satellite signal simulator

Dec 28, 2017


High dynamic BeiDou / GPS satellitesignal simulator is an electronic device capable of generating satellite signals received by a receiver in a high dynamic state indoors. With this device, users can simulate the Beidou / GPS satellite signals received in flight by real-time simulation of high dynamic carriers such as aircraft, rockets, missiles and satellites in the indoor space, which is a key device for developing and developing various military receivers. At the same time, system verification is of great importance.

High dynamic Beidou / GPS satellite signal simulator uses advanced high-dynamic signal simulation algorithm, you can simulate a variety of dynamic scenarios, the host using large-scale field programmable gate array devices (FPGA) and high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) According to test requirements, flexible configuration of a variety of simulation parameters, real-time simulation Compass / GPS satellite signals.


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